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Simple work to improve health without additional administration

Easily keep track of the progress of your company's health and organisational and social working environment.

This is Wellr

Step 1

How well are your employees?

How well are you and your employees really? And what can you do to feel better? Wellr pinpoints the company's needs and provides all employees with the right tools to feel as well as possible.

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Mental health & stress






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Risk group


Step 2

Individual health profile

You can easily keep track of trends in your well-being with the aid of regular monitoring and tests. You as an individual can monitor progress in real time.

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Average helth score


Health trend right now

Wellr score


Step 3

Customised action plans for the individual and for the company

A personal plan containing actions, tips, recipes, exercise programmes and instructions is drawn up on the basis of each individual's needs and answers. As an employee, you can then keep track of your goals, your progress and your improvement.

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Running 10km

Vegetarian diet

yoga & meditation

Home exercise step 1

Step 4

Monitor your company's progress

Easily keep track of the progress of your company's health and organisational and social working environment. Set clear goals in the system in order to bring about long-term, sustainable changes.

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Step 5

Create an attractive workplace

With the competition function, you can challenge one another within the company or create a common goal to work towards. It’s a fun way for you to encourage one another to feel better and perform better.

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Interest registration

Get started quickly and easily

Getting started with Wellr is fast and requires minimal administration. Send an interest registration and we will get back to you as soon as possible with more information on how to get started.

From 49kr

Per employee and month

This is included

– Web-based health analysis
– Personal health profiles
– Individual action plans
– Contests and challenges for the entire company
– Evaluation of the social and organizational work environment.
– Lots of exercise, nutrition and mental health programs. Knowledge and inspiration in different formats – all on a scientific basis.


How do we get started with Wellr at our company?

All we need is a mailing list for the employees. If you want to divide the company into different departments, we also need to know what those departments will be. Once we have received that information, you can get started that same day.

Does the company have access to employees' profiles?

No, Wellr is completely anonymous for the users. The company only has access to an overview of the average health of the company.

How often do you conduct surveys at the company?

That's for you yourself to decide. The most common is 1–2 times a year, but each employee can re-do the tests whenever he for she wants if conditions change.

What is an action like for the user?

An action could consist of a programme to be followed by the user for a month. It could, for example, consist of a stress management programme or a programme to get started with exercise, containing clear descriptions in the form of both text and video.

We'd like to receive more information, how do we go about it?

We’re happy to come out to you and show you the service in detail. Send an e-mail to info@wellr.se or call us on telephone no.: 08-40026101 if you'd like to book a meeting.