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Improve health and increase profitability

Do you want to reduce the amount of sick leave, improve productivity and, as a result, increase your profit margin? Do you want to retain and attract talent?

Then Wellr is the solution for your organisation!

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We’ve thought about all aspects of health

Wellr leaves nothing to chance. Instead, we’ve created a service based on science that covers all aspects of health. Both at work and outside work.

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Differing health challenges, one solution

In order for the health initiatives to have any effect, they must be able to be adapted to your employees’ differing needs.

  • Real-time data and AI create a meaningful user experience based on each person’s interests
  • The content is adapted to wherever the user is on his or her health journey.




Small efforts, big gains

Implementing a small change in behaviour over time can lead to large-scale health benefits. We know how to engage your employees and keep up their motivation.

  • Using the science of behavioural change, we have created health plans, challenges and gamification that engage users.


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“Det som vi tycker är mest attraktivt med Wellr är att appen individanpassar vårt hälsoarbete.”

Målerifakta invests in health!

“Over 90% of our employees use Wellr and we’ve noticed that the challenges you can start on really spur us on. One of the most enjoyable challenges so far was “give positive feedback to a colleague every day for a week”. It was highly appreciated!
Fun to give and to receive, it really helped create a positive atmosphere. The app is easy to use and to get started with, so there is a low threshold for getting our employees to use Wellr.”

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Rapid health changes

Nexer Recruit has achieved fantastic results after just 3 months with Wellr.

“We’ve been working with Wellr for 3 months now and we’re happy to report that we’ve already improved in several areas of health. Many of our employees were in the risk zone for pain and injury. We’ve improved tremendously in that area. We’ve also got everyone out of the risk zone when it comes to stress, pressure and mental health.”

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Targeted health work

When Pilotage conducted its first health survey with Wellr, the average health level for its employees was at 71 out of 100. Four years later, that level is at 84, just 1% from the target they set three years ago. Pilotage has achieved outstanding results by continuously measuring, taking action and developing. The key?
The recipe for success is systematic, goal-oriented health work!

A health solution for companies of all kinds

Overall solution


Employer branding

Involve more people

Suitable for all industries

Measure & develop

The pathway to a healthier company starts here

Wellr has taken the nebulous concept of health and has made it specific, measurable and clear to companies. Now the initiatives can be launched where they are most effective. On average, companies using Wellr have increased their level of physical activity by 10.5%. 8% of employees have managed to get out of groups at risk of being signed off sick and average health at the companies has improved by 4.5%. The results are clear and demonstrate the potential for being able to work on prevention and actions to improve health at an early stage.

Cirio Advokatbyrå

In a high-performing corporate culture like ours, it’s important to be able to offer staff a flexible overall health solution
Karolina Kranberg, Head Of HR


What I like most about Wellr is the opportunity to compete between different departments, which creates commitment, increased movement and a common topic of conversation to gather around
Hanna ström
Hanna Ström, HR-generalist


Wellr helps us inspire and motivate our employees to carry out healthy activities
viktor lindsö
Viktor Lindsö, CEO