We are now changing companies’ perspectives on ill-health

We are convinced that a healthy company starts with healthy employees However, increasing numbers of people were being signed off sick while employers were working reactively and putting out fires. Wellr moves the initiatives back to the time before employees have had time to fall ill and start work on improving their health in order to be able to bring about lasting lifestyle changes.


Our task

Create healthy companies through healthy employees

Since health has been a fairly nebulous concept up to now, our idea is to make it concrete, measurable and digital. With Wellr, we’ve created completely new ways of feeling well at work – and it’s paid off. Today, we are one of the leading companies in Sweden in digital corporate health. We’ve helped a large number of customers in a range of different industries to feel healthier, engage with one another internally and evaluate in order to be able to take the next step towards a healthier workplace.


Changed lifestyle

What makes us unique

We do more than just evaluate health. We use personal health profiles for each employee and individually-adapted digital health plans to create lifestyle changes at an individual level. Permanent, ongoing health work that never lets up.


The Wellr logo

The Wellr logo symbolises the power pose. In which you stretch your arms up to the sky. It’s a universal gesture of well-being.