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Can I still use Wellr on my computer?

Yes, you can use Wellr both your computer and in the app. One of the advantages of the app is that it uses an automatic pedometer and you can use the steps in your ongoing competitions and challenges.

How do I log in?

You use the same information that you provided when you registered your Wellr account.

When I log in I am asked to use my Google account, what is the reason?

If you have an Android phone (ie not an Iphone), we use Google's account to count your steps. If you want the Wellr app to count your steps automatically, you need to give the Wellr app access to your Google Account.

What does it mean to synchronize?

When you synchronize, your steps and activities are registered on to your Wellr profile and reset in the Wellr app. Your collected steps and activities in ongoing competitions challenges are registered. You will find your synchronized activities in your activity log at the bottom of your profile "your pages".

How often should I synchronize?

We usually recommend that you synchronize once a day. But it is optional and each user chooses what suits them best.

Some features in the app do not work properly, what is the reason for this?

Make sure you have the latest version of the Wellr app installed and your phone is up to date. If the app still does not work optimally, feel free to contact us and let us know what is wrong.

When / why should I choose to register an activity?

The app automatically registers your steps. If you perform another type of activity, it is important that you register it under the "register activity" button. Then activity then ends up in your activity log and is registered in ongoing challenges and competitions.

How do I delete a posted activity?

If you accidentally entered the wrong activity, you can adjust this by going to your profile and at the bottom of the page under your activities, click on my activities. Then click on the red cross for the activity you want to delete.

Who can see my activities?

Only you can access your activity log. If you participate in a challenge or competition, your competitors will see your activity for that particular competition or challenge.

My entered activities are not visible in an ongoing competition/challenge?

Not all activities are approved in all types of challenges / competitions. Read more in the information text for the specific challenge / competition to find out which activities that are included.

How does the pedometer work?

We use the built-in features available in the phone or through Google's health services to calculate the steps. These allow you to collect steps when you walk or move with your phone.

Can you connect a smartwatch to Wellr?

In many cases it is possible, it depends on which phone you use. When it comes to Iphone, the watch must be able to be connected to the app health, when it comes to android, it is required that the watch can be synced to Google fitness. Look under the respective application settings in your phone to integrate your smartwatch.

I do not get any steps in the app on my Android phone, what should I do?

You may have failed to access your Google Account when you first accessed the Wellr app. Go to the app's settings by logging in to the app and clicking on the gear in the top right corner. Click Settings, then Select Permissions, Select Physical Activity, and select Allow. On some older Android models, you can not select permissions. Then we recommend that you delete the app and reinstall it again. Be sure to provide access to your Google Account when you sign in. You can manage your account in your phone's settings and select Account, click Google and Sync data in Google Fitness.

My steps sometimes appear incoherent during activities, what is the reason for this?

The steps are based on when you perform them. If you have collected 300 steps, these can be displayed in the activity log as 44 steps, 66 steps, 100 steps, 50 steps, 50 steps. This mainly refers to IOS (Iphone) users.

I can not find the challenge I participated in, where did it go?

När en utmaning är avslutad så hamnar den under avslutade utmaningar. För att komma till den avslutade utmaningen. Klicka på utmaningar och sedan på plustecknet , välj avslutade utmaningar högst upp på sidan.

The web

How do we get started with Wellr at our company?

All we need is a mailing list for the employees. If you want to divide the company into different departments, we also need to know what those departments will be. Once we have received that information, you can get started that same day.

Does the company have access to employees' profiles?

No, Wellr is completely anonymous for the users. The company only has access to an overview of the average health of the company.

How often do you conduct surveys at the company?

That's for you yourself to decide. The most common is 1–2 times a year, but each employee can re-do the tests whenever he for she wants if conditions change.

What is an action like for the user?

An action could consist of a programme to be followed by the user for a month. It could, for example, consist of a stress management programme or a programme to get started with exercise, containing clear descriptions in the form of both text and video.

We'd like to receive more information, how do we go about it?

We’re happy to come out to you and show you the service in detail. Send an e-mail to info@wellr.se or call us on telephone no.: 08-40026101 if you'd like to book a meeting.