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For healthier employees

Wellr and Skandia have a close collaboration. Thanks to Tele2’s insurance within Skandia’s Health Chain, you will  have access to the Wellr health app. There, nutritional advice and personalized programs are combined with fun fitness challenges and health tests. We hope you will enjoy Wellr and have a fun and healthy experience with the health app.

Below is a quick crash course on how it works.

Get started with Wellr

Register by clicking the button below, and use the code for your business Unit.

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Corporate Affairs: 2305Tele2
DCT: 2306Tele2
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As a Wellr user, you are completely anonymous and Tele2 does not have access to any personal data.

This is how Wellr works

Health check

As soon as you have registered your user and logged in to Wellr, it’s time to find out your individual health situation. In a number of different tests, you will answer questions that help to paint a picture of your health status and what you can focus on to feel better.

Health profile

When you have completed the tests, your individual health profile, or what we call your health index, is presented. It will be clear which health areas you can focus on to achieve positive change. Your personal health profile is completely anonymous and the company cannot access any personal data.

Customise health plans

Wellr then suggests health plans on how you can achieve better health. It can be anything from training programs or sleep schools to smoking cessation or CBT courses. All health plans are based on modern research and are tailored to your results.

Competitions & health challenges

As a Wellr user, you can also challenge yourself or colleagues to step competitions, stair challenges, or perhaps inspire others to start a form of exercise you enjoy. The possibilities are many.


Twice a year, Wellr invites to attend digital health lectures on various health topics. These lectures are given by experts in the field, and provide valuable information and insights on different aspects of health and wellness.


We have a chat support both in logged-in and logged-out mode. You can also email in questions with answers within 24 hours.

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Tele2’s landing page for Wellness

Tips from Wellr

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