Anders o Martin

Active health work is crucial for a healthy, successful workplace.

Skandia and Wellr are now signing a longer cooperation agreement, which provides 95,000 employees with free access to Wellr’s health app in order to strengthen the individual’s well-being in the workplace.

Active work on occupational health is important in order to prevent sick leave, reduce staff turnover and increase earnings. But activities often become sprawling, unclear and not infrequently counter-productive.

Wellr is currently one of the leading companies in Sweden in digital occupational health and has been leading the fight for greater well-being in the workplace since 2017.

It is now clear that Skandia and Wellr are entering into a longer agreement that provides Skandia’s corporate customers with free access to Wellr’s health app. In total, it is a question of around 95,000 employees who will now gain free access to a web-based health solution that measures, evaluates and improves both their health and the work environment at their workplace. The offer applies to the corporate customers included in Skandia’s health chain (medical insurance, health insurance or health care insurance for all employees).

The most efficient and profitable way of dealing with health problems is to anticipate and prevent them and, working with our customers, we have more than halved employees’ absence due to illness over the past 15 years. “Wellr will be an important piece of the puzzle in our health package and Skandia’s health chain,” says Jan Karlsson, the Skandia business manager for risk and health.

Wellr adopts a step-by-step model in which employees undergo a digital health check that is compiled into personal health profiles. Based on these profiles, individual tailor-made health plans are created, which can involve anything from exercise at home, stretching exercises for pain, sleep school, quitting tobacco or exercises to prevent stress and mental illness.

“We’re convinced that healthy companies start with healthy employees and our goal is therefore to use fun methods to engage all employees in the work to improve health. We’re happy and proud to have entered into the ground-breaking agreement with Skandia, which allows us to offer our solution to large numbers of employees all over the country who want to change their health,” says Martin Forslund, CEO of Wellr.

“Many of our most common illnesses in the Western world are related to our lifestyle and a great deal can be prevented by relatively simple means. Also, almost half of all employees do not have good enough oxygen uptake to allow them to be efficient for a full working day.”