Susanne Hjälmered, CEO Nexer Recruit

As a manager of valuable people in our company, I think it’s important for us to take care of ourselves and one another, particularly at times like these when the world is not really in balance. For that reason, at Nexer Recruit we have chosen to invest in our employees by entering into a new health initiative with Wellr.

It’s not always very easy to take the best possible care of yourself. It’s quite easy to miss things out, particularly when you’re completely absorbed in the job you’re so passionate about. It’s also quite easy to get into habits that are less than ideal. Maybe you have children (both small and large) who demand your support and parents and friends who need your support.

Are you eating properly? Are you getting enough sleep? Are you exercising?  

To avoid just guessing and going on feelings, we decided to find out how well we actually feel and how we can continue to feel well in the long term. We look at our habits and bad habits as far as sleep, stress & mental health, tobacco, alcohol, physical activity, pain & injuries, diet & ergonomics are concerned.

I see Wellr as an instrument for mapping out where we are and the areas we should prioritise. The ability to start a range of competitions and challenges in Wellr is a fun feature to increase the feeling of community and get people on board

We’ve been working with Wellr for 3 months now and we’re happy to report that we’ve already improved in several areas of health and our “total health” has got better. We had a lot of employees in the risk zone for pain and injuries. We’ve improved significantly in that regard. There’s no-one in the risk zone now. We’ve also got everyone out of the risk zone when it comes to stress, pressure and mental health. All employees have had a smorgasbord of knowledge and schedules delivered to them through Wellr. Wellr allows me to focus on my individual needs. It can be anything from short videos to Yoga sessions, new food recipes, mindfulness or training schedules and I’m very satisfied at the way our employees have embraced the opportunities.

As a recruitment company, we also see that candidates today have high expectations of their employer when it comes to health. As an employer, relying only on the health care allowance is not enough when more and more candidates are asking questions about how the company works with and invests in the health and well-being of their employees.

It’s about how well you are looked after and what opportunities the employee gets to be able to feel good and improve.