Målerifakta invests in health!


Målerifakta is a company where most of the employees are former painters who at Målerifakta work with measuring surfaces.

Charlotta Tillbom, who is CEO, has chosen to invest in employee health.

– In addition to our benefits such as health insurance, company health care and a generous wellness allowance, we now wanted to focus more on promoting health and preventing ill health!

-What we find most attractive about Wellr is that the app individually adapts our health work. All employees receive the right type of health plan according to each person’s own conditions. The tool is easy to use and get started with. So the threshold to getting our employees to use Wellr is low. At the company level, we get a good and comprehensive overview of the situation while it does not show individual answers, we know that integrity is important if you are to answer truthfully. There are both educational materials and inspirational lectures in the whole well-being area. So it feels comprehensive and inspiring yet easy to use.

-Over 90% of our employees use Wellr And we’ve noticed that the challenges you can start are really motivating. One of the nicest challenges so far has been “give positive feedback to a colleague every day for 1 week”. So appreciated! Fun to give and to receive! It really contributed to a positive feeling!

– We look forward to working with Wellr, which helps us focus on well-being and health.