The Wellr health app – All health work in one app!

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This is how Wellr works

Health check

The first step is to create awareness of the employees’ health status. Each individual therefore undergoes a digital health check in Wellr consisting of evidence-based questions in the areas of health and wellbeing.

Health profile

An individual health profile is created on completion of the digital health check. Wellr’s health wheel clearly shows each employee’s health status. The personal health profile is completely anonymous and the company cannot access any personal data.

Customise health plans

As soon as the digital health check has been completed, Wellr’s AI robot develops customised health plans to enable individuals themselves to work on improving their own health. Wellr takes needs, previous experience, levels of ambition and the individual’s own wishes into consideration. The health plans are developed by experts in each area of health and may consist of everything from quitting smoking, sleep school, diet, exercise programmes, stress management and ergonomics, etc.

Competitions & health challenges

With Wellr, you can start fun competitions and challenges. How long does it take for the company to walk to Paris, which department does the most exercise sessions in a month or are you the one who challenges your colleague to change their diet or tobacco habits?

Current situation analysis

With Wellr, you can see how well employees are in real time and compare groups. Through Wellr, the vague concept of health has become systematic and measurable, which allows companies to measure the progress of their health over time. You are also able to send out your own tests and you yourself control who will have access to your company page.



At Wellr, the HR department receives specific actions to work on at organisational level. You get help with setting health goals and you are able to work systematically and develop activities according to the company’s own conditions. Wellr gets to know your organisation to enable it to continuously come up with smart insights.

The right kind of initiatives

When you know the current status, it’s a case of launching initiatives to develop the company. With Wellr, you receive actions and company reports at an organisational level to enable you to create a healthy company in the best, most effective way possible.


Employer branding

Wellr offers the opportunity to take part in activity competitions at work in order to provide an incentive for daily exercise and at the same time bring about a positive corporate culture. How many steps can we walk in a month? Which department will be the first to reach Paris in a stage competition?
At Wellr, we can tailor the competitions according to your requirements.

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Health work on the job that pays off!

Through Wellr, your company gets the opportunity to broaden its wellness offering to include more health areas. Your employees gain knowledge, suggestions for custom-tailored health plans and the opportunity to participate in fun and inspiring challenges at both individual and company level.

Your company gets an overview of the company’s health development through digital health tests in various health areas and access to overview reports. Wellr is an inspiring and motivating health app that increases employees’ knowledge. It also gives the opportunity to influence when, how and in which areas to focus in order to achieve better health.

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Healthy employees make for successful companies. With the Wellr app, it’s easy to motivate employees, improve health and increase profitability.

– All health initiatives in the same place

– No complicated administration

– Based on the principles of behavioural science for long-term health habits that produce results.