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Individual health profiles

We’re convinced that healthy companies start with healthy employees and our goal is therefore to use fun methods to involve all employees in the work to improve health.

Keep track of your health status

Create awareness

The first step is to ascertain the employees’ situation in terms of their health. All employees therefore do a number of tests which are compiled into personal health profiles where they find out the areas in which they have the greatest need for change. Wellr then automatically generates personal actions based on your test results.

Start your health journey

Regular updates

The unique thing about Wellr is that the health journey never ends. If employees want to update their health status or if their health situation changes, they can re-do the tests at any time to obtain new actions.

Earn points

Inspire one another

There are also Wellr points to encourage you to constantly work to improve. The employees receive more points for each questionnaire answered, action completed or challenge taken on. At the bottom of the health profile there is a leader board showing the top 10 per cent of company employees who have accumulated most Wellr points. We believe that inspiring one another is key to a healthier work environment!


"With Wellr, we obtain a detailed analysis of how well your employees feel and we can then customise health competitions for each department."

Mikael Buskas

Mikael Buskas

HR Director, Convini

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