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Provide a more attractive workplace

An attractive corporate culture with healthy employees is the concept on which a modern company is built. With Wellr, you can create new traditions that attract and retain your best employees in a pleasurable and effective way.

Challenge one another

Who can do the most push-ups?

Wellr offers the opportunity to take part in competitions at work in order to provide an incentive for everyday exercise and at the same time create a positive corporate culture. Who takes the stairs instead of the elevator? Which department will be the first to reach Paris in a stage competition? Are you the one who challenges your colleagues to start doing yoga? Let your employees be inspired by one another.

Leader board and Wellr points

Compete to become a healthier company

At the bottom of your personal pages there is a leader board of the top 10 per cent at your company and for every challenge or competition you participate in, you’ll be awarded a certain number of Wellr points. The leader board and Wellr points make your work on health a popular topic of conversation in the workplace.


Take the first step towards a more attractive workplace today

Wellr is one of the most up-to-date digital health systems in the market and is an easy way to create an attractive workplace.


"With Wellr, we obtain a detailed analysis of how well your employees feel and we can then customise health competitions for each department."

Mikael Buskas

Mikael Buskas

HR Director, Convini

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