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How well are your employees?

Companies and organisations often implement reactive measures and selective initiatives when it comes to health at the company. We want to bring the initiatives forward in time and begin the work to improve health before employees have had time to fall ill so that lasting, sustainable lifestyle changes can be made.

A web-based health solution

Measure health in the workplace

Wellr is a web-based health solution that measures, evaluates and improves both health and the work environment in the workplace. We have taken the nebulous concept of health and made it both fun and measurable at individual and company level – without any need for additional administration.

Increase profitability

Healthy companies start with healthy employees

Wellr is a cost-effective solution based on a win-win situation in which your company can increase profitability by reducing absence due to illness among staff while enabling your staff to feel better and thus become more efficient.


"With Wellr, we obtain a detailed analysis of how well your employees feel and we can then customise health competitions for each department."

Mikael Buskas

Mikael Buskas

HR Director, Convini

Read about how Convini became a healthier company

We’re happy to come out to you and show you the service in detail.

At Wellr, we have many years’ experience of matters relating to the work environment and now we’ve finally taken the concept of health, which was previously quite nebulous, and made it concrete and measurable. We’ll be happy to show you how the service works. Enter your e-mail address below and we’ll get in touch and find a time!

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