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Customised action plans

Quitting smoking, sleep school, diet, exercise programmes, mindfulness or CBT? What actions are needed to make your employees healthier and to create a healthier working environment at your company?

Concrete improvements

Customised action plans

After employees have completed Wellr’s personal tests, individually customised actions are generated for their health profiles. The actions are based on their answers to the questionnaire, but they are also able to make their own choices depending on what they want to improve. There’s everything from simple get-started programmes to advanced triathlon schedules. The actions are based on current research in the field and are always guaranteed by our own group of experts.

Personal favourites

Long-term work to improve health

One of the advantages of Wellr is that you create continuous, long-term work to improve health in the workplace. When employees have completed one stage, they’re awarded Wellr Points and can move on to the next stage. There’s also the option of adding your own programmes by saving them as your favourites.

Lifestyle changes

A Wellr for everyone

Wellr suits everyone, regardless of their previous experience of working to improve their health, and is a unique example of its kind. The efforts give so much back to the employees and lead to lifestyle changes at an individual level. Physical activity levels have risen by 10 per cent on average at companies using Wellr and we are convinced that healthy companies start with healthy employees.

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With Wellr, we obtain a detailed analysis of how well your employees feel and we can then customise health competitions for each department.

Mikael Buskas

Mikael Buskas

HR Director, Convini

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